Sunday, April 29, 2012

He Says the Darnedest Things

Last Sunday was Austin's 4th Birthday.  It was also the day Breslyn came home from the hospital, so we all went over to make sure he had a special day.

I think we succeeded.

Later that week, on Wednesday night, I went over to help out with the kids and to make a good dinner for Krissy.  While I was out in the kitchen, Krissy was nursing Breslyn and Austin finally noticed.  (The fact that she's been home for 4 days, feeding her every 2-4 hours, seems to have gone un-noticed.)  Here is their conversation:

Austin: "Is that your boob?

Krissy:  "Yes, this is how I feed Breslyn."

Austin:  "Chewing on your boob.  Dross!" (That's how he says Gross.  It adds something to the story.)

Krissy:  "Well, this is how you feed new babies.  I feed you and Ryan like this when you were babies."

Austin: "Dross"

I missed the rest of her very mature response as I was running from the room laughing.

Ya got to love him.


  1. Too cute! I can hardly wait for grandkids but seriously hope it will be at least 4 years before they start coming...since my kid is only 18! :-)

  2. I love the "Dross"! He really is adorable and that cake looks yummy! Costco? I'm back into the blogging mode so check out my new posts.

  3. Wow! I remember Austin as a baby! Always fun to catch up, Lindalou ... mine too are so growing (oldest in 3rd & 4th grade and the baby was 1 in Dec)

  4. Man I love that kid! That cake looks awesome!! Happy belated birthday Aus!