Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

It's time for our annual Halloween at Krissy's.  This year her family is dressing up as the characters from Adventure Time.  I think it's on Nick.  Or maybe it's Cartoon Network.   I don't really "get" the show, but it's a favorite of Ryan and Austin.

Here are the characters:

Ryan is the middle character with the white ears.  Aus is the dog like character.  I'm guessing Krissy is the Princess thing and Jay is the King guy.  Breslyn is the purple blob thing.

Please note that the purple thing has a star on it's forehead.  My task was to make the star for Breslyn's costume.  Here is the finished result.

Maybe tonight I'll remember all the character's names.

Happy Halloween everyone and I hope all the children on the East Coast can find a way to enjoy the day.


  1. My kids love that show. Cute idea! I wanna see pics!

  2. sounds like a fun time for all of you!! good for you
    and happy November!