Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homemade Caramel Sauce

I have been into making homemade caramel sauce.  I think it might be my new thing.

I had my mom up recently and was planning on making a pie for desert only to remember that oven doesn't work.  Duh!

That made for a quick dessert change.  Something that can me made on the stovetop.  I ended up making caramel.  I am working on perfecting a sauce.  So each time I make it, I try a different recipe.  Hopefully, some day soon I can post the perfect caramel sauce recipe.

This is the water and sugar boiling away.  A key to making caramel is to not touch it too much.  It doesn't need to be constantly stirred like many other sauces.

This is the finished sauce and I also made a raspberry coulis (coo-lee).  Which is basically a strained raspberry sauce.  Very smooth and very yummy.

BW just had raspberry sauce over his ice cream.  Mom just had caramel.  I had both.  Raspberry and caramel are so good together.  I think raspberry caramel is a product in my future.

I promise to share the best of the caramel recipes when I get it find tuned.


  1. Looks super nummy Lin!

  2. Both sauces look yummy! I know how it is to be on a quest for a certain food that meets your taste buds. I was on a quest for a Mac and Cheese recipe that tasted like how my grandmas tasted but every recipe I tried failed the taste test even though they were good until about three years ago. It was actually my daughter who found it quite by accident. We were in a used book store and she found a cook book that she wanted. After going through it she tried a mac & cheese recipe she found in it. It turned out to be The One.