Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A New Show to Check Out

If you happen to have HBO, I've got a new show for you to check out. It's called The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. Based on the series of books by Alexander McCall Smith, this program premiered last Sunday evening and we were lucky enough to catch it. It is kind of a Miss Marple style mystery , only with the unusual setting of Gaborone, Botswana. The lead actress Jill Scott, is completely engaging and she's surrounded with a cast of quirky regulars. Although there's not a lot of suspense here and there are moments of predictability, this program is completely charming and entertaining. If you get a chance, tune in on Sunday's at 8:00pmET. I'm sure you can watch them on On-Demand as well.


  1. Hi Lindalou (such a happy-sounding name). We have HBO but I wasn't aware of this new show. Will have to check it out. I do watch American Idol and think at this point, it's a 3-way race between Adam, Danny and that cute guy who performed last last night (can't think of his name). You mentioned de-sticking your yard. Does that mean you have lots of trees? We do and everytime I look outside I branches/twigs/sticks that need picking up. Good exercise.

  2. One more thought. Are you going to be sharing with us some of those "seriously hot mid-life issues"? ha-ha I'm past mid-life and have seriously cooled off.

  3. Donna - I'm trying to keep this blog about all our favorite things....not all my whining about my mid-life issues. I will instead, work on my list of good things coming out of menopause. Might be a very short list.

  4. I love this Big Linda - and I love the name...mush push is the best I make it everytime I have ice cream. It is definitely a term used just by our family.

    Much love to you all!


  5. Hi Couz...
    Since you're talking TV, I have to tell you about this show that Corky and I just found called 'Mad Men'. I had heard about it a while ago and then it kind of went away. Well I ended up renting the first season while we were in Mexico and we are HOOKED. It is in it's second season right now, airs on AMC, unfortunately the time is awful ... midnight your time on Sundays. It's about the Advertising business on Madison Avenue in the 60's. The photography and camera work is unbelievable. The story line is gripping in every episode. You can watch it online, but I haven't checked to see about On Demand.
    Love to all from
    The original "Mush Push"