Friday, May 29, 2009

Garage Sale Friday

Well, the big day is here. Cait and I have been working towards this event for so many months, I can't even say, but today we finally had our garage sale.

(Was that the a really long sentence, or just my imagination.)

We had a great day with lots of customers. Our main desire is to just empty out my garage. Cait moved out years ago, but I've still had bin upon bin of her "stuff". Add to that a whole lot of my stuff and Stinky's stuff. and what you have left is just way too much stuff for my
little house.

Here's the way things looked when we started out this morning.

We still haven't been able to sell the wicker headboard. Everyone tells me how pretty it is, but it seems no one has a double bed anymore. Heck, it's only $5.00. Make it work on a queen!

More then half of this table is gone now including 2 blenders.

And most of this stuff is gone too! Someone finally bought the U of M jersey, which is now thankfully out of this house of Sparty. (If you aren't from Michigan, you might not understand this one.) Sorry, Unca Ja, but Stinky just wouldn't wear it.

All in all a good day, but it does take a lot of work and preparation. I do have to admit though, that despite the cheeseburger, seasoned fries and beer I just consumed, I do feel immeasurably lighter.


  1. First thing I noticed was the wicker headboard. Should have been the first thing to sell. There were about 50 yard sales in our neighborhood yesterday; organized by a couple of realtors. Feels good to get rid of stuff, doesn't it? Stuff gets in the way of living. Is that rhubarb I see behind your neighbors house? We're a rhubarb-loving family.

  2. I wish I would have known you were having a sale, I would have come up and bought something, although not the wicker headboard. Glad you had a good weather day.

    I actually was in Ann Arbor buying a dress for Gen's wedding - and actually found one that I like.


  3. On my blog you asked about a Shamrock punch. I was in Michael's and I saw that there is a single Shamrock punch in the Martha Stewart line. It is not a border punch, but maybe it will work.