Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quote the Raven, Never More...

I've mentioned before that I participate in this Fantasy American Idol game over at Fafarazzi. Right?

Well, there is a whole group of us that regularly discuss the show in their chat forum. (Yes, we all take this show way too seriously.) Today, one of my posted comments was used by another fellow chatter on her weekly American Idol review at the Fox affiliate in Austin, TX. She works at the station and is part of this weekly update segment.

To check out my little claim to fame, click here and scroll down to watch the Idol Chat Week 11. When Danielle mentions that "Someone on-line said..." That someone was me.

Totally lame I know, but I'm still enjoying my itty bitty little moment. (Although it's still not as cool as the fact that Caity won a Carrie Underwood CD from Fafarazzi a few weeks ago.)


  1. Nice shout out! I had to check it out. Love it! And if you get this in to So You Think You Can Dance, I will have to make this page one of my favorites! Love from Bend. Kelly

  2. Congratulations on your moment. Some people never have a moment...itty bitty little or any other size. I won a Farah Fawcett poster back in the 1970's by calling into a radio station.

  3. Hey "Someone" that's pretty cool!