Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Visiting Fishtown

Here's where we've been staying the past few days. Isn't it adorable. It's even got an adorable name. It's called Katie Conner Cottage and it's up in Leland, Michigan. Leland is a small town, about 30 minutes north of Traverse City. It is a very popular vacation spot and also has a historic "Fishtown" district with a real fishery and a bunch of cute little stores.

I think this is the 4th year that BW's brother and sister-in-law (David & Mary) have been gracious enough to share part of their vacation with us. We couldn't have enjoyed it more. Thanks so much for having us.

More stories to follow including....the one that got away!


  1. You are just about the luckiest person in the world to have vacationed in that part of MI. Have I already told you about our MI vacation last August? Took the Corvette and drove up over the Mackinac Bridge and then along the Lake Huron shore to some place south of Alpena and then over to Traverse City and then on to Charlevoix the Beautiful. Visited lighthouses, shipwrecks, wineries, parks and lots of restaurants. One of our nicest vacations ever and we weren't even far from home. I know exactly where Leland is as we made the drive up the point (is that what it's called?) through Leland to Northport and down the other side. What a charming looking cottage in the photo. I bet you had a GREAT Fourth of July!

  2. What a quaint place, I have only been to Michigan once, and so very briefly I don't remember much about it. I was 13 and interested in other things.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Rolodex are is like any other kind of art, meant for enjoying rather than using. Just another way to mass display little art gems.

  3. Oops, I meant rolodex ART- I'm the world's worst self-editor. I do great editing others. Unfortunately, my brain "sees" what my brain "meant"

  4. Donna - You did mention your Corvette trip, but I didn't realize all the Michigan locations you got to visit. It is nice to have such wonderful vacation options so close to home.

    Cricket - I love your bloops. Makes me feel normal.