Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cards of the Week

I made a few cards the other night and I'm so pleased with them that I wanted to post them.  They aren't for any card sketch.  I just made some very simple cards using a little technique that I really liked.  I can't take credit for new technique.  I got the idea from Kristina over at kwenerdesign.  She is a very talented and trained graphic designer.

Every week on Monday and Friday, she posts videos on how to make one of her card designs.  They are really wonderful and very helpful.  I can't thank her enough for teaching me new something new every week.  I think she's just amazing.  (Plus I love that she always has her nails done!)

Recently she made some simple cards using a flourish stamp and then just highlighted parts of it using a white gel pen.  So simple, but so pretty.  Here's what I got using the same process.

I don't know if you can tell, but the white gel pen just makes the image pop.  I like the front two best.

She even taught me that if you mess up a stamp a little bit...just add a flower to cover it up.  Adding the little jewel, was my idea.


  1. Good idea. I mess up plenty, so I better stock up on some more flowers, Linda. These cards are fetching!

  2. ... and you should be pleased, Lindalou. You are very clever and your cards are lovely! Are you enjoying this 'lovely' autumn weather today :)

  3. Love your beautiful cards, glad you posted them! The simple highlights add great dimension!

  4. The colors make for perfect fall cards and I do like the touch of the little jewel.

  5. Hi, Just drop by to visit your lovely blog. Got attracted to your card making.
    Would like to suggest try using press garden flowers, Im sure the constrast with those will be excelllent.