Sunday, October 25, 2009

My 1st Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY CONTEST CLOSED.  Winner to be announced later today (after I get back from taking RJ to the movies.)

In honor of reaching my October Goal of 20 Followers, I am officially having my first Giveaway.  Yeah!

After a little bit of thought I've decided to pay a bit of homage to The Pioneer Woman, as it was her blog that got me inspired to start my own blog.  In the early part of this year, Krissy had forwarded a link to a recipe for Whiskey Glazed Carrots, which was of course from PW.  I soon came across her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels love story and I was hooked.

So, in honor of Pioneer Woman, cooking and blogging, I am giving away a copy of her new cookbook "Pioneer Woman Cooks". If you aren't familiar with the book, click on the link and read all about it.  It looks like such fun.

To enter, all you need to do is write a comment that tells me what you like about reading or writing blogs.  Obviously, there is no right answer.  I'm just interested in what you think.  Only one entry per person will be allowed.

Any bloggers out there who post a link on their blogs about my giveaway will get an second entry. All you have to do is make note in your comment that you have or are going to post a link on your blog and I'll make sure you have two entries in the drawing.

The giveaway will be open all week, officially closing on Saturday, October 31 at 11:00pm ET.  The winner will be chosen by random and announced on Sunday, November 1.


  1. Hi Lindalou,
    Why I like reading and writing blogs:
    First of all, I get to meet so many people that I normally wouldn't meet otherwise, and since I am sorta shy, I find that on-line is not as difficult to interact. Having said that I also think blogging opens our eyes to new ways of looking at people around us and the experiences we can share about those we love. My blog is a wonderful way to express myself and I am thankful I can have this outlet. And as far as reading blogs, well that feeds the voyeur in all of us, I think. If you can see how someone else is dealing with their life and their problems, it can be a great benefit in our own life. I will defnitely link to this giveaway. I will do it on both of my blogs.
    It sounds like a fantastic idea to have a giveaway... I am going to have to consider this on my blogs.

  2. Hi Lindalou, I'm visiting courtesy of Rosey. She wrote such nice things about you. :-)
    I love reading and writing blogs. First of all, I enjoy reading posts by people that share my same interests. There are as many ways to approach a subject as there are people out there, I think! And, I gain loads of valuable information because it's been experienced first-hand before it's been shared.

    Secondly, I enjoy blogging because I love the total experience of photography, gardening, cooking and other interests and sharing about them. It seems to be partly "diary" and partly a communication with friends(a growing number of them!)and family.

    Many thanks for your incentive to post a comment by hosting a give-away, as well as for having a great place to visit. :-)

  3. PS I've also provided a link to you today. :-)

  4. I LOVE reading blogs even more then i enjoy writing my own. It's so inspiring to see other peoples creative side. Sometimes when I'm in a slump all I have to do is read a few and it gets me motivated.


  5. I'm just so fascinated by the variety of blogs out there. The thrill I feel when I post something new on my blog is real. I enjoy reading about other people's lives and especially about recipes and food. Consider the posting of a link to your giveaway done!

  6. fun giveaway! Congrats on your 20th follower! :) I enjoy writing on my blog b/c I have very few gardener friends in real life and it gives me an outlet to discuss garden related stuff that no one in real life really gives a shit about! I am still fascinated that I can post about something silly like carrots, and other will not only get what I'm saying, but can relate, offer suggestions, support, etc. I also recently wrote about why I love blogging in a post called "I could not be a political commentator", this talks about it a bit as well. Anyway, looking forward to exploring more of your blog!

  7. Hi,Lindalou. I came across your blog through Rosey Pollen, my wonderful blotanist friend. I love to write blogs because I get to express myself and post photographs about things that matters most. I find writing very thearpeutic. Through blogging, I also get to build up my rich store of memorable moments and things which will be cherished for a lifetime, or maybe more.

    When I read blogs, give comments and get commented on, I improve my communication skills and get my thoughts focused besides making friends along the way. Sharing similar interest like gardening and cooking is like a support group activity.

    Lastly, Congratulations on your targeted achievement! May you have many many more.

  8. What I like about reading blogs, is that intimacy of knowing someone new and their life passions. Some day I would love to have my own blog, but it seems I can't put my finger on just one passion. I suppose it could be a cornucopia of me, but then I am to much of a perfectionist to write that all down.

    I truly admire bloggers, and some blogs are truly impressive.

    Thank you for the chance to win this amazing cookbook. Pioneer Woman happens to be one of my very favorite blogs.

  9. Lindalou, Rosey sent me here, and what a delight! then what a kick to find The Pioneer Woman. You just never know the joy unless you take that path.

  10. Hi Lindalou;
    Came to your blog via Shady. I am a blogger , it started out to be about gardening , food and family over the few years it has changed into an eclectic mix . I love the interesting people one meets in the blog world, the view into lives and gardens and some yummy recipes.

  11. Hi Lindalou!

    What I especially like about reading and writing my own blog is encountering excellent and interesting writing with personality and learning new things. If I am being taught something without even realizing it, I feel like not only like a child again but that tingly feeling of discovery washes over me.
    Feedback from people telling me that they'll learned something new from my blog makes me feel as though I am doing SOMETHING in my own small way to inspire and make like a little more interesting and possibly be motivational for others.

  12. Will certainly check out her cookbook, Lindalou. Meeting lovely friends like you is a bonus, the gift of blogging ...

  13. I love the personal stories on blogs, hearing from 'real' people and their lifes joys and challenges!

  14. What an awesome giveaway!!! :) Please sign me up. I love blogs that offer a bit of humor (Big Mama is my favorite!!). I also like blogs that discuss homemaking, decorating, and/or crafty stuff. :) For writing, I just like feeding the urge to express myself! :) Thanks for the visit today.

  15. Hello Linda!! I like reading blogs because it helps to keep in touch with family and friends, but it also gives you an opportunity to experience other places and people that you wouldn't normally get to interact with. I will definitely post your give away on my blog, but I don't think it will help much - I think you and my sis are the only people who read it! Love ya!

  16. hey cuz. i love blogs for a number of reasons. primarily, it's the level of intimacy that's extremely refreshing... i know for some this will seem like an oxymoron as it is the internet and all but i'm talking about content here.

    working in media definitely creates an innate cynicism. the players, the agendas, and the quest for extremely specific demographics and market share are telltale signs that all is not as it appears. for those thinking that network nightly news is factual and unbiased... we need to talk.

    it's all about perspective. blogs are, for the most part, simply individual thoughts, concepts, and ideas. they typically don't hold themselves out as anything more or try to present themselves as the absolute... just one person's life experiences and/or thoughts on topics.

    they're also a great way to find those points of connection with others from all different walks of life.

    i love yours... but of course i'm biased (ha). missing you. let's meet in chi soon!

  17. I must admit that this is currently the only Blog that I read, but what I love the most is feeling connected to my dear cousin and our family even though we live so far away. Also, since I'm not the greatest cook, it's nice to hear about recipes that are tried and true. I can't tell you how many people have enjoyed your Pasta Primavera.

  18. Hello, I love to read blogs because it makes me feel a part of the big world out there, outside my own front door. And, since I live in a whole other continent, an ocean away from my family and long-time friends, it's given me an opportunity to laugh and learn each day, with folks I haven't actually met.

    I used to have a travel-blog, along with my husband, of photos from our many trips. It was a way to keep those back home up-to-date about our adventures. But we eventually just ran out of inspiration. Maybe someday we'll give it another go, blog-wise.

    Thanks for blogging!

  19. Hey Big Linda - There are really only two blogs that I read and yours is one of them. Like my two lovely sister's stated I enjoy reading your blog because I have been able to stay connect to family. I grew up with friends who would spend weekends with their cousins and I always wished I had a whole mess of them. My children are quite blessed with the number of cousins we have "produced" in our family, but it still doesn't change the fact that I never really was able to get to know my own cousins that well.

    You are such a gifted and talented writer, a beautiful lady, a fabulous mom and of course, my cousin!

  20. I read blogs to keep up with friends and family. Most of the blogs I read are from people who live far away so it makes me feel more in touch! Maybe one day I'll start my own quilting blog...if I ever have the time!

    I really enjoy reading yours, I check it at least 3-4 times a week!

  21. Congratulations on exceeding your goal of 20 followers. To know you is to luv you.

    I keep reading The Pioneer Woman's recipes, but have never actually gotten around to making one. I bet if I had my very own copy of "Pioneer Woman Cooks"...I'd be cooking/baking up a storm.

    I have a strong need to chronicle what's going on around me and blogging seems to fill that need. Also, my family and friends are sick of pretending to be interested in what I'm growing and I know that they're less than impressed with all my "peopleless" photos.

    What I've discovered though is that I'm more interested in reading the blogs other people write. Some very talented, interesting, funny bloggers out there.

    Happy Halloween to you.