Friday, October 2, 2009

Missed my train...of thought

Dear Fellow bloggers,

Do you ever have a really good idea of something you want to blog about, but you are away from the computer.  So you think...I'll do that one tonight or tomorrow.  You get home and ready to blog and ya got....Nothing!  Zip, nada, nothing.  I had a good idea, atleast it seemed like it at the time, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was.

So on to other things...the new TV season.

Here's the New Shows I love:

Glee:  Love everything about this program, especially all the performances!  Love the lead girl (Lea Michelle).  Her character is very funny and her voice is just amazing.  One of the characters is a guy named Finn and I think this is officially my new favorite guys name.  (I visited a blog recently and she was taking a poll to help her decide on the name for her soon to be born son.  Finn was one of them and well, of course...that's what I voted for.)  If you haven't watched this, please do so. 

The Good Wife:  Ever wanted to gain perspective on those political wives who "stand by their man" during unbelievably emabarrassing press conference.  Then this might be the show for you.  The show focuses on how the main character goes about rebuilding her life and her career after finding out that her State Attorney husband has been very busy with prostituion...supporting it..not remove it from our streets.

 I love the diacotomy of her love/hate relationship with her mother-in-law who is essential in helping her take care of the kids but is also frustrating by constant nudging to forgive her husband, who just made a "little mistake".  Also nice to have "Big" back on TV. 

Then there the Old Reliables:

So You Think You Can Dance -Season 6:  Normally a summertime replacement program, SYTYCD has finally garnered a large enough audience to make it to the big time...the Fall Season.  The show is still in the auditioning phase, but some of the dancers so far have been amazing.  We are still hoping for the 1st tapper to make it in to the top twenty.

The Office:  Still my favorite show on the telly.  Yes, it's frequently uncomfortable humor, but the characters are so well developed and quirky that I just can't resist.  The opening sequence, before the theme song plays, has some of the funniest moments on TV.  AND...Jim and Pam are getting married next week.  I can't wait.   They are my favorite pretend couple. 

The Mentalist:  I think this one started in the summer too, but I really enjoy this spin on the typical police story.  OK, Simon Baker doesn't hurt the eyes either.

(The female lead is Robin Tunney and she was in 1995's Empire Record, which is kind of a cult classic for 1980's generation.  Saw some of it on TV recently and was amazed when I recognized her and couldn't wait to tell Krissy and Cait.)

Lie to Me:  Last, but not least is this other summer released series.  I really enjoy the high tech analysis of facial and physical gestures that indicate lying as well as a host of other feelings.  Don't know for sure if it's all real or not, but the program frequently uses images of real life people who are lying, cheating, re-enforce their points.  Pretty clever actually.  (and yes, Bill Clinton's image has been used many times.)

I'll let you know if anything else catches my eye.


  1. I have not seen some of these, I will check them out. Of course, The Office is my favorite awkward moments show. I loved the Rumor first episode of season 6.
    Thanks for the show tips.
    I have that happen to me( the writers/bloggers block) and I sometimes write on my hand, just like when I was in school.

  2. Glee is the best!!! I love it, I think it is my favorite new show! Have you seen Flash Forward at all? It's pretty good, one of those that just reel you in and won't let you go!

  3. We love The Office too and have been watching it from the beginning! I'm so excited about Jim and Pam's wedding next week. I've been rooting for them from the start. They're my favorite pretend couple too. We've also been watching Parks and Recreation and Community. Both funny but not nearly as good as The Office. We also watch Biggest Loser.

  4. I love Glee too! Acutally, I'm in a little bit of a Glee situation as I'm the sponsor of the breakdancing club at my school and we're being pushed around by "cheer" and athletics. :(

    Finn was going to be my boy's name, until the boy ended up being a girl. Love Finn McCool.