Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dorothy Was Right

I can't tell you how happy I am that I posted the previous post when I did because our next adventure wasn't nearly as wonderful.

On Sunday afternoon, within about an hour of each other, Austin, Krissy and I got really, really sick.  Some sort of stomach virus that allowed us to confirm...Austin doesn't chew his food very well.  Ugh.

It has been years since I've felt this bad.  Krissy and I were up most of the night visiting the facilities. (I can't believe the number of food commercials on TV in the middle of the night.  A Long John Silver's commercial, when you feel like dog ka-ka, is just beyond disgusting.)  We were supposed to fly out of Portland on Monday morning and there was just no way any of us could make it.  So at 4am I called NWA and a wonderful woman helped me move the flights to Tuesday.  Granted there was a $150 change fee per ticket...but I was so thankful I didn't have to fly that day, that I cried on the phone.  That's how bad I felt.

We were finally able to start functioning a bit on Monday morning and were able to get Austin stabalized (how do you explain to a 18 month old that he can't eat and drink everything in sight) and were all able to handle the drive from Bend to Portland.  We spent the night at a hotel near the airport (I again love Sleep Number beds) and the flights home were very smooth. 

We surely need to thank Kelly and Ryan for their hospitality and for their TWO bathrooms.  I sure hope you can one day get the smell out of Reid's car seat.  And I will do my best to focus my memories on the first part of the vacation, but if I've confirmed anything it's that there's no place like home.


  1. Oh guys, that SUCKS! I'm so sorry to hear you were feeling like poop. At least you got to postpone your flight b/c there's nothing worse than flying sick. I hope everyone is feeling much better! Hugs to all!

  2. You poor things! That is truly a sad and not to fun way to end a trip. (((HuGs)))

  3. ooh, I would really like to visit oregon! Though i agree, especially at the end of any trip - there's no place like home. Just saw the Wizard of Oz with my 4 year old yesterday! What a fun fun movie. Each time I watch it I appreciate it more and more.

  4. I hope someday you will be able to look back to your trip to Bend, Oregon with some fondness, Linda :) We loved having you here even if it ended the way it did. Actually, I will be forgetting all about the last day or so since I had so much fun the rest of the trip.

  5. Oh, how I hated reading this post. I'm so sorry. May you never be sick again. Poor little Austin.