Friday, August 6, 2010

Let's Play "Going To College"

Growing up...Barbies were the thing.  My sister and I used to play Barbies a lot.  While I would want to pretend we were going to a party, Deb would want to pretend we were going to college.  Which meant we spent the entire time....packing.  Not my favorite way to play with my Barbie & Midge, but as my sister was older it meant she got her way most times. 

Not surprising at all that Deb went into Education for her career.  We should have all seen the handwriting on the wall for that one.

Well, once more I've got to play "Going to College".  This time it's for real as Stinky leaves for Michigan State in 22 days. 

Earlier this week I hit Bed, Bath and Beyonce (a family nickname for that store) and got:
  • quilt (black and grey...very masculine)
  • sheets
  • blanket
  • waste basket
  • laundry basket
  • first aid kit
  • some plastic dishes, glasses and silverware
Cait bought him a bunch of basic white towels for his birthday.  So that's checked off.

I found these at BB&B and I think one of these would be a good idea:

So now comes your part...HELP.

I haven't taken a kid to college in quite a few years...and I've basically forgotten what else he needs. 

Any suggestions??   I can use all the help I can get.


  1. My daughter said earplugs are a must if you have snoring roommate.

    A mini- fridge, a little microwave, cleaning supplies,ha ha. :)

    Laundry stuff.

  2. I think gift cards to coffee shops and grocery stores help when college students get hungry and thirsty.

  3. mini fridge and small microwave (discuss with roommate), laundry detergent, shower caddy depending on dorm situation, the plastic drawers and bin type things are always useful for 1) storing stuff and 2) moving stuff in and out, small rug.

  4. Great ideas everyone. Thanks for the help...I think cleaning supplies is the funniest suggestion. I can't even imagine what 4 guys will do to a bathroom in about a month. GROSS. I'd love to find out if Stinky ever cleans at all.

  5. I think money is all else that he'll need! :) How exciting for him (and you too - once you get past the tears I suppose!)

  6. You might want to get him a little first aid pack..
    Cold medication
    ice pack

    Found this article on

  7. What a fun adventure!!! When our daughter got to her room at college, she knew right away that a small refrigerator was a must. They don't cost a whole lot but are handy.