Thursday, August 12, 2010

Word and Weekly Question #11

My dear, wonderful friend Judy, is in the midst of reading Eat Pray Love.  One of the small moments in the book, they discuss "words".  In particular, words that describe a city.  For example, in the book Rome's word is "Sexy".

This got Judy thinking about her word.  This motivated her to email her friends, asking them what their word might be.  We continued this conversation last night as four of us "girls" got together for dinner.

The conversation has now fanned out to more and more of our friends.  And now, I want to spread it out to my blogging friends. 

What word would you use to describe you life right now?

My word was Passion.  Not the obvious kind of passion (although that's a good one too), but passion as in finding one's passion.  I have a strong desire to spend my time doing things I love...things that make me happy.  And I am searching for my life's passions.  Hopefully, that makes sense.

Now it's your turn.  You might want to think about it a little bit, but put some thought into "Your Word" and share if you want.


  1. Hmm, Les...that warrants some sort of explanation. Good word though.

  2. Good question!

    That is pretty hard to nail down one word to describe my life right now. How about "bombardment?"
    Four kids, between the ages of 11 and 19, trying to steer them through the difficulties of life and trying to keep myself sane in the process. Everyone wants a piece of me.

    I liked that book, Eat pray love and thought while I was reading it that it would make an intriguing movie. I can't wait for you to review it. :)

  3. My word of the year is Mindful. i live my life at such a fast pace that I realized for it to be meaningful I need to be more mindful of it.

  4. Blessed!
    I've reached the point in my life where I can look back and see I have been and am truly blessed.

  5. Lindalou, you have offered up quite a task, a very thought provoking exercise. So I turned to my husband and posed your question and immediately he said "wonderful", to which I responded: "yes, our life is wonderful; I am content and excited about us and who we are. We are an age where we shouldn't be concerned too much, but yet I am, not for us as for our children and grandchildren and what life may be for them in a couple years".

    He said, "... we took care of ourselves and got through to here, and our children (adults) will do what they have to do to get by."

    Hm. He always has just the right answer to sooth me. And I still haven't answered your question Lindalou.

    Have yourself a passion-filled wonderful weekend. ;)

  6. Di...I think that is what so fun about the question. It gets you to stop for a moment about where you are in your life. It also generates great the one you and your husband had. How wonderful...that he immediatly said "wonderful". Using Elizabeth's's great to remember to be mindful.

  7. I'd have to say Journey as well. My hubby and I are on another journey towards our ultimate goal of finally settling down in one place and start growing our family.

  8. oh, and I have Eat Pray Love on hold for me at the library! Can't wait to read it!

  9. Right this moment I think I'd have to describe my life as "latent potential".

    It's just been so hot I haven't done a lot of things I had wanted to do - even though everybody around me are doing flips and accomplishing so much. I'm blaming this on the heat...not me. It's just too darn that song. Okay now let me read what everyone else has to say.


  10. Uh oh, I better get that book Eat Pray and Love too! I saw the author on Oprah back when I was still watching her. Pretty interesting read from what I remember. psssst, you can get it second-hand and cheap on amazon - or am I the only one doing that? Just a thought.

  11. hmmm, I might agree with Rosey's bombardment, but half the time, might tend to add "self-" to the word. I'm taking a lot on, and a lot excites me. I want a lot and am capable to doing a lot, but lately, I'm finding myself less effective. It's both frustrating and scary. My short-term memory is totally shot. My blackberry tells me what to do from moment to moment. I'm going going going, and then start to feel it every once in a while (like now) and then I'm just totally stalled. It's not like I can't say no, because I can, it's just that a lot truly interests me (but maybe that's what all people who can't say no think!!).

  12. I must read the book and want to see the movie, Lindalou. This much I know is true, I am following my passions that feed my life ... family, food, photography (writing), blessed that Mr. Ho-Hum lives beside me and shares my passion, my biggest fan :)

  13. Mine is "creativity". I want to dive into all things that create something from nothing. It could be a story I've written, a film I've made, a photograph I've taken or a plant I've grown. Life just takes on a rosey hue when I do those things.

  14. LOL - ok well you said one word ..but I will further explain.

    Expedition...I think of a jungle expedition when I say this word. So to clarify. In my life I have a general map of where I want to go but it doesn't include all the snakes, holes or other things that one might find while on an expedition. In addition, it doesn't include all treasures, amazing sites or unique people that I will meet along the way.