Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekly Question #12

I hate and despise the smell of vinegar.  Ugh.  It truly makes me sick and causes me to run from the room.  I never cook with it.  If a recipe calls for vinegar...any kind, I won't make it.  Occasionally, a balasmic type can be hidden in a dressing so that I don't notice it...but any other way, YUCK YUCK YUCK.  And the worst kind is malt vinegar.  How in the world do people eat that on their french fries.  Gross!!

Now to this week's questions: 

Is there a smell that you hate?  What is it? 

(and don't say any of the obvious ones related to body functions as everyone hates those smells. They don't count.) 

Can't wait to find out if there are any other smell haters out there.


  1. I hate the smell of ammonia! :(
    don't use it - don't clean with it - don't own it

  2. I'm with the person who hates ammonia! I like vinegar, though. I also hate the smell of AXE perfume because I get a terrible, horrible NO GOOD migraine!

  3. Hard boiled eggs...don't know if I was traumatized by a deranged Easter Bunny or what but ick.

  4. I agree with you mle....ammonia is awful. I don't own any either. My mom cleans with both ammonia and vinegar. Awful.

    Kelly - You better stay clear of my house...the boy covers himself in that Axe crap.

    Carol - My daughter is right with you. I've got to keep the hard boiled eggs away from her too.

  5. I don't like the smell of dentists offices. Makes my teeth hurt.

  6. first of all, I think you're missing out on life girlfriend!!! :) no vinegar?!

    I'm not sure about this, though rosey's response is very true. There's something very weird about dentists' offices. That smell, whatever it is, is very anxiety producing!

    I guess the only thing I can think of right now, is the smell of our basement, which gets wet sometimes.

  7. Well, interesting enough I don't mind the smell of ammonia (clean smell) and enjoy the smell of vinegar ('cause I use it so much in cooking). I love the smell of fresh fish/seafood. I dislike the smell of skunk (that my husband likes and thinks it smells like coffee) and mums. Happy weekend :)

  8. Wow Lin this one really made me think...I would have to say the smell of motor oil really grosses me out and having a husband that used to race (snowmobiles and cars) it was something I used to smell often. Am glad that he doesn't do that anymore.