Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Basic Fruit Sauce

A few years back, I made a New York style cheesecake from Cook's magazine.  The cheesecake was delicious, but what was the most useful was the Strawberry Sauce recipe that was also included.  Since I don't like strawberries (yah...I know crazy me), I have adapted this basic recipe and used it with raspberries and peaches.  I think it would work for almost any fresh fruit.  So here are the basic steps.  Feel free to adapt to other fruits and let me know how they turn out.

Basic Fruit Sauce

Wash, peel and cut up fruit as necessary. Place fruit in small bowl and mix with 1/4 cup sugar and pinch of salt.  Stir and let sit for 30 minutes.

Take 1 cup of jelly, jam or preserves in the same flavor as your fresh fruit and process in your food processor for 8-10 pulses.  Pour processed jelly, jam or preserves in a sauce pan and heat until gently boiling.  Continue to boil until white foam no longer appears (about 15 minutes).  Remove from heat and add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.  Stir.  Pour on to fresh fruit, mix well.  Let cool and serve with cheesecake, ice cream, pound cake etc. 

This is a delicious dessert that is easy to keep in your head when you are running through the store.  Fruit, jelly, lemons and vanilla ice cream...check. 

I always get great reviews.  Looks harder then it is.  Enjoy!


  1. Ha. Maybe you can keep four items in your head as you run through the grocery store, but not me. Seriously though, I really like the idea of this fruit sauce over pound cake. The white foam part scares me a little:) Hey, you're getting closer to 20.

  2. Donna..the white foamy part is very simple. Don't let it intimidate you.

    And yes, slowly but surely I'm getting closer to 20 Followers and I figured out what my 1st give-a-way is. Such fun.

  3. Dear Linda,
    Thanks for the Glee visit from HOHF...I see you also like SYTYCD. Season 4 my suto niece came in the top 10. Her mother in I are from Jackson,Michigan too! And she just did a promo in Detroit for her movie She was one of the leads in FAME (Alice). And will soon have a guest spot on GLEE.
    It really does get you hooked...Right?
    Keep it Sweet,