Sunday, November 1, 2009

And Zie Vinner Is...

Drum Role Please.....

Commentor #19  (kimberbee) is the winner of Pioneer Woman Cooks.  

kimberbee said...I read blogs to keep up with friends and family. Most of the blogs I read are from people who live far away so it makes me feel more in touch! Maybe one day I'll start my own quilting blog...if I ever have the time!

I used the random generator over at to pick the winner.  I haven't figured out how to copy the little widget over to my blog, so I just used it on their website.

I loved reading all your wonderful comments about blogging, many of your thoughts and feelings are exactly what I like about blogging as well.  Thank you to everyone for participating and congratulations kimberbee.  I hope you enjoy the cookbook.   (BTW - I pre-ordered the book and they said they would start shipping on 11/2, which is tomorrow, so I'll get it sent to you as soon as I receive it.)


  1. Yea! How ironic I win a cookbook and I'm not the cook. Oh well. I never win ANYTHING!

    Evan talked to Jason and Kristen yesterday and they told us they were having the Star Wars Halloween. So wish we could've been there!

  2. Evan didn't sign out again, sorry!

  3. Lucky Kimberee! Now she can have us all over for dinner....and no excuses about not being a cook:)

  4. can give the cookbook to Evan. It could be a Christmas present.

  5. Lucky...oh well maybe year #2. Thanks Cuz.

  6. Kimmie - you could even give the cookbook to your wonderful sister who you love so much! ha! or I guess you could give it to your husband as well :) Congrats!