Thursday, November 5, 2009

Card of the Week

Caity had a bridal shower to go to last Sunday.  She always likes to coordinate her wrapping paper with the card.  So...we talk and she tells me that she's going with creams.  I stop by Joann's to get some cool cream based papers and I select some very cool gold and cream patterned paper and I create this card.

I got the idea from some pre-made flower appliques that were at Joann's and I thought, heck, I could make those myself.  And so I used my various flower punches to make these flowers and then layered them to create individual flowers.  I was very please with how it turned. 
I called Cait to tell her I finished her card.  It was at this point that she asked... "Did we ever finish talking about the colors?"  Of course, I thought we had, but in fact we hadn't.  Her paper was cream and silver with black ribbon.

Uh-oh.  I jumped a little to quick on this one.  Back to the store to pick out silver patterned paper. And then using the same concept, I created this card. 
I gave them both to her and told her she could use either one.

I do still prefer the gold version, but the silver one turned out pretty cool as well.  I really liked making these flower.  They might be popping up on my cards for awhile.


  1. These are one of a kind beauties, Lindalou! What a fabulous idea to coordinate your card with your wrapping paper. We use pillowcases for birthday presents that are too large and I get too lazy to wrap. How's that for festive?

  2. I often use the color comic section of the Sunday newspaper to wrap gifts. Rosey's pillowcase idea is good, too. Lindalou, you and Caity really know how to make cards and gifts special. Your cards are ab fab (do you know the BBC TV comedy Absolutely Fabulous?).

  3. It's cool to see these side by side like this. (Funny how saying the word "cool" is so much cooler than writing the word "cool"- I'm sorry - I digress...) I like how the black and silver pop! The gold and cream one is very elegant. Nice job!

  4. What really cool accents! Great idea.

  5. That is so creative! I envy your talent in this craft. I really wish I can do something like this.

    Keep it up.