Monday, November 9, 2009

Garden Bloggers...What do you think?

To all you garden bloggers out there...Please take a look at the following blog.  I got this link from my friend and kind of sister-in-law, Mary.  It's put together by four universities (Washington State, Michigan State, University of Minnesota and Virginia Tech).  The Garden Professors is the name of the blog.  Click on the link and give them a visit and then come back and let me know what you think.

"Why", you may ask...well at this point, it's just a brainstorming kind of thing.  Mary and I are having ongoing conversations about gardens (it's one of Mary's area of expertise) and blogging (which is one of my favorite past time). 

Thanks for your help.  You are truly wonderful!


  1. I've put The Garden Professors in my favorites because I liked it a lot. Believe it or not, I've been to the John Deere headquarters in Moline. Luv the Chub-ism, "Time for that thing to take a ride on the chipper truck".

    I'll be interested to find out what it is you and Mary are brainstorming.

  2. Two thumbs up! (Love anything Michigan related)

  3. hmmm, well, I'm really intrigued and hope you'll reveal why you want our feedback!!

    I think it's nice. The tone is positive, the posts are informative. I can't see being "friends" with the blog or bloggers (maybe I can't really see being "friends" with a blog with more than one author). It does seem very educational. There's lots about trees, and that's great if you're a tree person, but personally, I'm a veggie and flower person so I wouldn't check them out on a regular basis. If I were to come across the blog upon doing a google search on something, I'd be really pleased. Hope this helps!

  4. Not much personality going on at the blog, maybe they could beef that up? otherwise a very informative blog. It seems to be a very good reference blog.
    And we all need to look things up rather than just sigh over why our roses are making us happy.