Monday, November 23, 2009

Lori Made THE Blog!

See this picture here.  This is my cousin Lori with Pioneer Woman.  It's a great picture right.

But do you want to know the real interesting thing about this picture.  I did not get this picture from Lori.

Guess where I got it.  Go ahead...guess.

If you said I got it from Pioneer Woman's blog, you'd be right.  I can't even believe it.  Lori is as flabbergasted as am I.

To see the post for yourself, just click here.

This is just so cool.  In a small way, it's a little bit of a pay back to Lori for doing this enormous favor for me.  She is now seen by thousands of people who will no doubt say..."What a pretty woman!"

(I'm typing this so fast, there are probably tons of typos, but I just do not care today.)


  1. That is utterly freakin' you out I'll bet! And her too.
    What a small world.

  2. Oh, that's so cool! You must have been stunned to see that photo!

    The funny thing is that the post is about her hair!!

    And the thing that's funnier than that is that she got 400 comments on it!

  3. Good for Lori. And I see she's not afraid to show a little cleavage.

    You can always say that you knew Lori before she was famous.

  4. Ha! You know when I saw that post on PW I was wondering to myself if that was Lori! How awesome!

  5. Donna - Lori can't help but show a little cleavage. It's just inevitable.

    Kelly - Good catch! Can't even remember the last time you might have seen her.

  6. That is so cool! I saw this on the PW site and thought it was a great pic of the blond gal. Glad to know it's Lori. You can tell her someone from Switzerland saw her on the PW blog :-)

  7. Susan - I can't wait to tell her. I didn't realize you lived in Switzerland..that's awesome for me too!

  8. very cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. That is sooooo cool - what is even cooler is I am learning about what my own sister is up to by reading my cousin's blog! How funny is that?

  10. Isn't that fun!!! Glad she managed to get you that autograph too.