Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all have a simply wonderful Thanksgiving.  May your turkey be moist, you potatoes creamy and may you have friends and family surrounding you.

This is my table setting for today.  Caity set the table and I went outside and cut some interesting branches for the centerpiece.  I think it turned out very nice and I also didn't have to go buy any flowers this year.

On Thanksgiving, I give everyone and ornament.  It dresses up the table and I like the idea of of knowing which ornaments came from which Thanksgiving (as I give one to myself a well.)

This year's ornament is a sparkling reindeer.  I love the colors.

Stuffing or Dressing:  I recently learned that it's called stuffing if you put it in the turkey and dressing if you don't.  What do you make?  Stuffing or dressing?  Just curious.


  1. Lindalou, I luv everything about how you set the table including the random branches used in the centerpiece. And I may borrow your ornament idea for next year. When I was growing up, we called it dressing but over the years it changed to stuffing, not sure why. Haven't actually stuffed the turkey for a few years now because of all the scare regarding doing so, but I miss it. Where did the little people in your family sit?

  2. Lindalou, simple and beautiful table setting! and a great idea on the gift. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Dressing officially, but I guess we're incorrectly calling it stuffing! After much playing around, there are 2 things I will never experiment with again. Cranberry sauce must the be ocean spray jelly stuff from the can, and "stuffing" must be stovetop. Nothing beats it!!

    Hope your turkey was moist, and potatoes creamy as well!

    You've set a gorgeous table and I love the ornament idea!

  4. What a gorgeous table!! Absolutely lovely! I guess we make dressing, but we still call it stuffing. Stuffing the turkey is too difficult for me!!!

  5. Stuffing - I make mom's - it is still the best ever! I think I eat half of it before it even gets into the bird.

    This year I was pleased to see that we had Foamy. I didn't know who made it at first and later learned that mom made it, which is why it was so smooth and no lumps of Jello. I don't know what Aunt Gin or mom do but they sure know how to get it light and smooth - oh it was orange too - the only proper flavor.