Monday, April 26, 2010

All Production Has Come to a Complete Stop

I have not made any cards, done a square on my sampler or cooked anything more extravagant that hamburgers.  Everything came to a complete stop last week because I started reading At Home In Mitford by Jan Karon.

My Mom gave me this book last time I was down visiting.  She raved about it.  Last week, I had finished Water for Elephants (really good btw) and when I got home from work on Monday evening I had no power and BW was out of town for the week.  What a perfect time to start a new book.  I read every evening...until Jeopardy.  Then tucked myself into bed a little early and read til I couldn't keep my eyes opened.  I finished it on Friday night.

What a wonderful story; full of lively and entertaining characters.  It is also very moving in it's homespun simplicity.  The main character is Fr. Tim, the local Presbyterian minister.  As he goes about ministering to his parish, we meet all the many wonderful people who live in and around Mitford.  They are vivid and quirky and just plain delightful.  The book is so good that I just had to call Mom and tell her thank you for giving me such a gift.

The best thing about the little town of Mitford, is that it's a series.  I've still got 4 more books to read!  Mom on the other hand...has read them all and is more then a little sad that they are done.

Please read these books!  You will honestly feel better.


  1. I haven't read this yet. I don't like to get hooked on a series because of the "complete stop" thing. I've heard they are good. I have some of the Mitford snowmen Christmas goodies...

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the best is yet to come!
    The next book is the best in the series. Put the kids up for adoption -- close down the kitchen and soak it up.

  3. Your movie and book reviews are always welcomed and enjoyed. I'm familiar with the series, but haven't read them.


  4. I loved Water for Elephants. Did you read The Brooklyn Follies? Another good one.