Friday, April 23, 2010

Date Night Movie Review

Date Night

Grade: A-

This is a completely funny and entertaining movie. What makes it work so well is that Tina Fey and Steve Carell make such a believable couple. They have similar look levels (I'll have to explain my look level theory one day) that make them a very real couple. They are also two of our greatest comedic talents currently on TV.

The plot line is about a married couple...whose lives together have become somewhat routine. In an effort to shake things up a bit, they decide to go to the city for dinner. The story accelerates when they take the dinner reservations for "the Tripplehorns". What happens next, think North by Northwest...only in comedic format.

Granted I had to look away at one scene and it's a darn shame what happens to that beautiful Audi R8, but otherwise a perfect way to spend your own date night.  Make sure you stick around for the credits to catch a few more outtakes.


  1. Haven't seen this movie yet, but would like to.

    Would luv to hear your look level's true that couples that have been together a long time start to look like brother/sister, brother/brother, sister/sister. Dogs and their owners often resemble each other, too. We used to have a bulldog, if that tells you anything about us:)

    Happy Birthday to Austin. Such a big boy now.


  2. I want to hear about your look level theory as well. It is a perfect blog topic!

    HAven't seen this yet. But love STeve Carrell. And the office!

  3. Will probably wait for netflix on this! Thanks for the review. :-)

  4. Dan and I saw it on Saturday night. We had 3 lovely teenage girls in front of us. For the most most part they were delightful (didn't talk) except there was one who apparently was so important she had to continuously look at her phone, thus the blinding light! Finally Dan thew a piece of popcorn at her and I very quietly whispered in her ear "put it away NOW!" (can you hear the mom voice?) To which she slowly lowered the screen and placed it in her lap. I was then able to finish watching the movie, minus the light.

  5. I'm glad to read this review. My 11 year old and her friends are planning to watch this on Friday night. It seems like it'd have enough slapstick stuff to appeal to a slightly younger crowd.

    Happy b-day to the cutie btw!