Thursday, April 29, 2010

Question of the Week #8 - Even Though It's Thursday

I know I usually do this on Monday, but I have a question on Thursday.  So sue me.

Have you planted anything yet?  If so...what?

We've have had a few 80ish days, but we have still dipped into the 30's at night.  So I haven't planted anything yet.  It is supposed to get to 80 again tomorrow and I have a feeling that the freezing nights are truly at an end.  I'm actually thinking of hitting the garden store on Saturday and I'm looking for some inspiration.

What should I plant?  What do you love to have planted around your house? Let me know.

Thanks friends.


  1. A local gardening guru here in Louisville used to admonish us all to "never plant anything before Derby"- meaning that there could still be a threat of frost until then or the soil would be too moist. So, tomorrow is Derby Day. I need to get my seeds ready!

  2. We planted earlier this month, we're pretty safe down here not to freeze again around April 1st or so. I have geraniums, petunias and gerbera daisies. For our garden we planted zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries and a type of pepper that Evan picked. Good luck!

  3. I'm low on inspiration and energy. Let us know what you bought. I bought a few annuals this morning for Phillip to plant (w/my help) tomorrow to give to his teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week -- orange marigolds (school colors are orange & black), white 'Snowland' chrysanthemums that bloom all summer, Johnny Jump-Ups, and white & purple Nemesia.


  4. I've got lots going, but I would definitley suggest strawberries if you don't already grow them. The precious babes and grands will love picking them next year (and a few this year). My daughter gets out of the car after school and goes straight to the garden while I'm stuck checking out the perennial garden. She's come back with a handful of red, sweet, sun warmed strawberries every day for a week now!