Sunday, April 18, 2010

GMa Gets to Meet Luke

Great Grandma finally got to meet Little Luke Ozzie on Saturday.  She probably spent about an hour just holding him.  He was a little "gassy", so she used all her motherly skills to calm him and finally got him to sleep.  Once they get much older...they get too big for her to hold, so this time when they are little is very special to her.  
(Caity is probably going to yell at me about posting her picture, but I like this picture.)
Here's a cute little picture of Luke.  I love how bright eyed he is in this photo.

Also got to finish another card that I wanted to share.  This one was for my dear sister's birthday.  I struggled with this card.  The first version ended up in the trash can.  I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't have the right stamp.  So I picked up this one with the flower and the writing in the background and then everything fell into place.  I stamped it with VersaMagic in Eggplant and then I embossed it in clear to give it that extra pop.

I got another square done on my sampler.  Two more and I'll have the first row done.  Still enjoying this project although I'm not able to do a square a day.  More like a couple squares a week, so it will be a while before it's finished.

I didn't do much cooking this week-end, but just got back from  the grocery store where I picked up some of the basics.  I was planning on buy some ground round to make a final pot of chili for the season (it's still a little chilly out today).  I got home and realized that I completely forgot the ground round.

Do you ever do that?  Go to the store for something in particular, get distracted by everything else...and forget the main thing.  Makes me crazy.  I've actually gotten to my car, remembered something, gone back in to get back to my car again and remembered something else and gone back in AGAIN.  I have to admit, I went to different cashiers so they didn't think I was a complete space cadet.

Fortunately, I did buy a few other things, so I guess I'll be making my quick Tortellini in Pomodoro Sauce tonight. Always a good standby to have on hand.

Hope your week-end was as nice as mine.


  1. A touching post for me tonight, dear Lindalou. Our babes grow so fast (1st Communion for our oldest grandson today). Your photo was perfect ... a focus on how fast life can pass by unless we stop and enjoy the moment. And hello ... can I tell you how many times I return to the store, forgetting the main reason I went there in the first place. 'Simple' frustrations in a day are good :)

  2. I absolutely love the photo with Caity, Luke and Aunt Ginny. She looks so happy holding Luke. He is just precious!

    Love and miss you all!

  3. Oh wow, I want to hold him! Nothing beats a little tiny person and the wonderful way they smell! ENJOY! As for the chili, I love to make home made chili but you do need to remember to buy the meat!

  4. The only way the family photo could have been better is if you'd been in the picture with them. All four generations. Baby Luke is especially bright-eyed for his young age.

    Lindalou, you'll always be my special blogger friend, too, because you're so darn likable and your blog is a fun/interesting place to visit. Keep up the good work.


  5. Thanks for posting the pic Lin - love the pic of Aunt Gin she has the best laugh - I can totally hear it!