Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter..A Little Early

Happy Easter Everyone.  I hope your day is blessed surrounded by friends and family.

I've spent the today cooking and prepping for Easter dinner tomorrow.  I am bringing all the food over to Krissy's house.  It's just easier to be there when Austin needs to nap.  You do a lot to mitigate the "Terrible Twos".

Not too long ago, I found some of my grandma's recipes at my mom's house.  One of them was for a Jewish Coffee Cake. Which just cracks me up.   I have no idea what makes it Jewish, but it sounded good and I made it today.  We are starting out with a breakfast of Eggs Benedict and Jewish Coffee Cake.  If the coffee cake turns out good (and likely it will as my grandma was a really gifted baker) I will share it with you.

Dinner will be Ham, Twice Baked New Potatoes, Roasted Asparagus, Squash Puree, Salad and Deviled Eggs.  (I forgot what a pain it is to peel eggs.  I'm glad I made a couple extra cause two of them broke in the peeling process.)  I also made a Lemon Curd and Fresh Berry Trifle.  First time I made this so I'll let you know how that works out as well.

Between the Hollandaise and the Lemon right arm is about to fall off.  All that constant whisking is exhausting.  When I put the menu together, I guess I didn't really think about the implications of making multiple cooked egg dishes.

Also want to share one of my favorite Easter things.  My mother had this for years to hold the deviled eggs.  She recently passed it on to Caity who normally makes our deviled eggs.  I gave her this year off as she has enough on her lap at the moment (literally).

Just seeing this dish makes me happy. You got to love it.


  1. Oh my gosh, the egg tray is fabulous! I'm happy looking at it. Your menu sounds great! Poor arm. I had our dinner tonight. Ham, a ginger sesame asparagus salad, potato gratin, green beans. Funny how holiday menus are similar. Can't wait to hear about the Jewish Coffee cake! Happy Easter!

  2. I might be tempted to make deviled eggs if I had a happy egg plate like that!

  3. I've been on a little blogging break and I've missed you. No baby yet? Darn. Maybe she'll wait and be born on my birthday, the 18th.

    I have a recipe for Jewish Coffee Cake and used to make it ALL the time. Mine calls for a 9x13 pan but the bundt pan looks much better. Would luv for you to share your recipe.

    One of the things on my menu today is scalloped of my favorites because it's full of whipping cream, butter and sugar. We're having 3 desserts with the Key Lime Pie being at the top of my list.

    We have 13 guests arriving at 11:00 and I'm feeling totally organized which is kind of scary. As soon as it's light outside, I have to get out there and hide 72 eggs for the hunt.

    Have a wonderful day with your family. Warm hugs.

    I see that you visited Phillip's blog. That was nice. He took new pictures last weekend, but now he needs to be motivated to write the words.


  4. Donna, if she makes it to 18th, she will likely just have the baby by explosion!

  5. Lindalou, we could have had dinner together... almost the same menu. ;) Lemon curd, now that sounds wonderful even though I am not a sugar eater, lemon, anything lemon has my attention. Now I'm headed to the kitchen.

    We wish you a blessed Easter! Diana

  6. Sounds delicious!! Nothing too exciting for us but I am going to make PWs carrot cake in a cupcake form!

  7. Yummy to the cake and your meal! Hope your Easter was great!

  8. I totally understand the Jewish coffee cake! Hope it was good. Let me know. The little chick on the egg plate is priceless!

  9. We always have twice baked potatoes at Easter too. I added asparagus this year. Yum!
    I hope you had a fab easter.

  10. No foamy??? I thought that was a Trapp required dish...I know it is a Walker one..along with My Mom's Dip.

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter. We all got together at Little Linda's on Friday night for a time of coloring eggs and laughs. We did have Mom's Dip, of course.

  11. the tray is really cute!

    I made deviled eggs the other night too. My younger daughter had been begging for them and I thought what a perfect thing to start my diet with - I'll just eat whites with a little bit of salt and pepper....worked well...until I decided to start squirting the delicious filling directly into my mouth.