Monday, May 24, 2010

Found a New Blog I like and a Monday Question

At some point recently,  I found this very fun blog.  It's called What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?   Emma is one of the adorable characters on Glee and this blog discusses everything about Emma's unique fashion sense.  How much fun it that.? I just love Emma's distinctive style.  Her sweater sets are just amazing.  Plus I even love her quirky OCD issues.  She's just so cute as she individually cleans every grape before eating them.

Go visit and you can even help create an Emma look.  Have fun.

This also got me thinking about a Monday Question.  Who's style, real or fictional, do you admire?  Is there anyone you try to emulate?  I'd love to find out.


  1. I saw Glee for the first time last week (shame on me) and loved it! Regarding your Monday question ... I am a cross between Sacagawea and Katharine Hepburn (how funny!)

  2. Love, LOVE GLEE!!! That WWEPW website is awesome! The style question is tough, I love jeans, chunky jewelry, and fun and comfortable blouses. I don't know if that is anyone in particular. However for work, I would love to dress like Emma, but these hips were not made for pencil skirts!!

  3. Love Glee and love Emma!!! Her sweater sets remind me a a old Nancy the movie with Emma Roberts.
    Also update.....Kherington has just signed on to be the new Pussycat Doll with Nicole. She also just filmed a dance scene with Ashton Kutcher in a new movie and a music video with Snoop Dog and Katy Pery. Very busy young lady!

  4. Suzy - Thanks for the Kherington update. I can't wait to tell my girls.