Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iron Man 2 Movie Review

Iron Man 2

Grade: B

Great special effects...mediocre story line.  I'm still glad I saw it.  Visually, it is a lot of fun, but I just didn't care that much about the characters and the story.  They chose to develop a storyline that showcased Tony Stark's narcissistic tendencies, which simply isn't the best part of his character.

I've also been told, by a Marvel comic book aficionado, that the choice of Whiplash as the villain for this story was not the best.  According to my source...there are so many other Iron Man villains that are more popular with the fans that he couldn't understand why they chose Whiplash.  Although, Mickey Rourke was very menacing and did a great job, but can I just tell you that he was defeated...way too quickly.  Drag it out a little.  Develop the climax of the movie a little more.

I found it interesting that the director, Jon Favreau also has a role as Tony Stark's employee.  Kind of fun in a Hitchcock kind of way.  Also, stay around through the credits to find out the next villain!!


  1. Thanks for the review! Probably wouldn't appeal to me anyway! Maybe I'll watch it if the boys get it on Netflix!

  2. This is a movie that I'd only go to if forced, but still enjoyed the review. I'm up to date on all action movies because of Phillip. I sometimes think that he thinks the characters are real people.