Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Chance...Last Dance for Brown Bag Lunch

I just packed my last lunch for Stinky today and I don't feel the least bit sad or nostalgic about it.  I just feel relieved.  No more turkey sandwich, cheese nips, fruit snacks etc.  I'm planning on saving a lot of money not buying anymore prepackaged lunch food.

Now, that's not to say I won't be making an occasional lunch for Ryan, Austin or Luke in the years to come but, for now....I'm Free.

Why do all these songs keep popping into my head.  Maybe cause what I really want to do is DANCE!!


  1. Rejoice and be glad! I remember those days and you should sing ... LOUD!

  2. yay!! You're free! I hate hate hate making lunches. My younger one has a wonderful catering service at her preschool that justified the cost, but next year at public school, she'll have access to nothing but crap. I still don't think that could make me make lunches everynight. I hated that chore more than anything.

  3. I forced my kids to make their own lunches long ago. I just make sure we are stocked up on easy things for them to throw in there. Sometimes they complain but at least they get what they want instead of me guessing all the time. I am happy you don't have to worry about that anymore!

  4. I have to say I do remember - with a whole lot of joy - the cream cheese and jelly sandwiches my mom used to make for me. Of course, my Mom doesn't want to cook anything anymore so I'm sure it gets old after decades of doing it. Congrats on finishing the lunch-a-thon!

  5. The last lunch...Stinky might be just as happy about it as you are.

    My mother used to pack me bacon sandwiches. I luved them back then and still do today.