Saturday, May 1, 2010

Letters to God Movie Review

Letters to God

Grade: D

I feel like I just got struck over the head with a sledgehammer by a Afternoon Special masquerading as a theater released movie.  I recognize that their efforts are very noble, but noble or not...they still needed to write a good script, perform well and please....respect your audience's intelligence.

This movie deals with a cancer stricken young boy and his unwavering faith in God and the effect he has on everyone around him.  Tyler provides his inspiration by writing letters to God.  Should have...could have been a good story.  And maybe to some it is, but it is directed with such a heavy hand that nothing unfolds in a way that draws the audience into the story.

All this makes me feel bad, cause this is all based on a real story and a real boy...he just deserved a better movie.


  1. Since Mr. Ho-Hum and I NEVER go to movies, I love your reviews, so descriptive I feel like I've been there :)
    Happy Michigan May, dear neighbor!

  2. I agree with Joey...I've stopped going to movies and just repeat your review info to my friends to make it sound like I've seen the film.

    Sorry this one was such a disappointment.