Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summertime List

I haven't done a list in a long time and since we are in the middle of a very hot summer, I thought I do a list of me 10 favorite summertime things:

1.  Sun - All winter long, we Northerners dream...imagine the feeling of the warm sun on our faces.  When summer actually gets here, it never disappoints.

2.  Grilling hamburgers and corn on the cob - The consummate summertime food

3.  Sprinklers - Taking our walk today, I just let myself get wet in a couple of sprinklers and I can clearly remember the pure joy of running through them on a hot summer day.

4.  The Great Lakes - Go ahead and pick your favorite.  Doesn't matter...cause they are all great.  Summer in Michigan always includes a visit to one of these beauties.

5.  Sitting on the deck or porch with a glass of lemonade - Wonderful.

6.  Flip flops - I just love the sound of them.  Can't you just hear them?

7.  Golf - I've only been golfing for about 5 years, but it has quickly joined my list of favorite summertime activities.

8.  Garden Fresh Tomatoes - Seriously!

9.  A good summertime read - Maybe it's a thriller or something uber romantic.  Just spending time, sitting on a beach reading a good book is so amazing.

10.  Family - Doing all of the above with my family around...Priceless.

What's some things on your summertime list?  I'd love to collect all the best and come up with a list from all of us.  Please share.


  1. Here's my list:

    1. Sitting on my neighbors porch in his handmade Adirondack chairs during dusk talking about the happenings of our street.

    2. Lake Michigan

    3. Getting my hands dirty in my garden.

    4. Picking snap peas from the vegetable garden.

    5. Playing with the Doberman puppies in my neighbors yard.

    6. Parties with my family.

    7. Kayaking

    8. Golfing, even though I'm so inconsistent with my score.

    9. Summer rain storms.

    10. Leaving my front door open to let in the fresh air.

    This was fun...


  2. Great list Kathy. Leaving the front door open is a great one.

  3. My short list:
    1. Sandals (my toenails are always painted.)
    2. Making Ice cream
    3. Sleeping with the windows open
    ( it is cool at night where I live)
    4.Shopping with my daughters
    5. Iced drinks
    6. Fresh produce
    7. Riding bikes
    8. Wading in Boulder Creek
    9. Picnics
    10. Sleeping in til 6:00. That is sleeping in to me.

  4. I love these lists so far and have to ditto them! I only work part time in the summer (I'm a school counselor) so I'd say...

    staying up waaaaaaay late working on this and that (I had two 4:30am bedtimes last week).

    running on a weekday morning instead of getting up at 5:30 for the gym.

    having a plan for any day of the week that varies, rather than the daily routine/grind of M-F.



    summer vacation!

    fresh strawberry lemonade from the amish vendor at the farmer's market.

    white peaches.


    going to lunch with my mom on a weekday.

    hearing about kids' summer camp fun.

    geez, my list sounds sort of boring, but maybe my mind's blank from lack of sleep!

  5. Great lists all of you.

    Wendy...I want my summer's off so I can stay up late and go to lunch during the week with my mom.