Saturday, July 17, 2010

What a Difference a Shade Makes

I've been living in my house for over 11 years.  When I moved in, the master bedroom had pink carpet, pink walls and pink blinds.  A Pepto-Bismal nightmare.  Many years back, I painted the room a cream color, which helped a lot.   I can't afford to replace the carpeting, but for reason I can't even explain....I left the pink blinds up.

To make matters worse, over a year ago (or longer) I bought some cream colored shades at Ikea for the specific purpose of replacing the blinds.  I brought them home and conveniently stuck them behind a chair and left them there, undisturbed until....MONDAY.

I finally took down the pink blinds and put up the new shades and I am so happy with the results.

It felt so good to take down the dusty, grimy pink blinds and put up these lighter shades.  Gives the room such a bright feeling.

For reasons I can probably explain, I did not take a before picture.  (Just too disgusting to share I think.)


  1. Love it! I can imagine how much better you must feel!

  2. looks great - billowy, fresh, clean...

    I tend to buy things from IKEA and sit them behind chairs for years too!

  3. The words pink and blinds should never go together. Without ever having seen them, I just know this looks much better.

  4. Lindalou -- That's so cool that you're in Michigan! Following along ... :) Are you aware of the Michigan Lady Food Bloggers??? It's a Google group you should join (if you're not a member already) ....

  5. A little pink is lovely but 360 degree pink?! Scary!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I'll do my best to keep it interesting!

  6. That's the best idea. Instead of cleaning my blinds, I will just buy new ones. :)

    I love Ikea. We are getting one in 2011~!

  7. Isn't it amazing how one simple thing like changing a shade can make a Big difference..I know that must feel nice and I can relate..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following..

  8. Lookin' good, dear Lindalou ... obviously, not everything is 'pretty in pink'!

  9. A year behind the chair is really not all that long considering how busy your life is. I still have some of those dust trap blinds. They are cream color and so the dust doesn't show too much, but I still hate them.

    The Ikea shades look great.