Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day in the Life

Yesterday was a very busy "MOM" day.

It started with Stinky getting his wisdom teeth out.  Took a little time to get the bleeding to stop, but things eventually quieted down and he spent most of the day on the couch with me trying to convince him to drink or eat something.

Mid-afternoon, Krissy called...she has the stomach virus that Ryan had over the week-end and she is at work for a 2pm conference call.  She finally heads home, only to find they have no power and she can't get in the house.  She comes here in her desperation to just lay down.

Within about 45 minutes, Cait calls her in a meltdown as Austin,  also caught the virus and he has just projectile vomited all over himself and her...while she is holding Luke.  Krissy crawls out of the bedroom and says "Mom can you drive me over to get the boys."

We get over to Cait's and Krissy puts Austin in the car and he looks at me and says "I frow up".

We start the drive back to my house, as they still have no power.  It's now rush hour and I can hear Aus getting more and more agitated as we slowly make our way.  Needless to say, he doesn't make it, but Krissy does a pretty good job catching it all in a towel.

We are almost to my house and Ryan just wants out of the car cause "he doesn't want to see it."  I tell him we are almost there, "see there is the hospital right by Oma's house".  His 4 year old mind goes into overdrive now.  "How bout we drop Austin off at the hospital.  That a good idea.  He's sick and they can take care of him".

"No honey, we can't take Austin to the hospital."

"But he's sick and that's a good place for sick people."

It's hard to explain the difference between sick and really sick to a four year old.  Especially one who wants his brother out of sight as fast as possible.

We finally make it home and Krissy strips Aus in the drive way and wipes him down leaving a trail of car seat and clothes and towels.  (Lucky Jay gets to clean the car seat.)

I finally get everyone situated around my very tiny house. Stinky on the couch in the living room.  Krissy and Austin in the front bedroom, trying to keep the germs confined to one area.  And Ryan in my bedroom watching SpongeBob.

Ryan sticks his head out and says..."Oma, I want a snack."

Ahhh, finally I got someone eating something.


  1. Oh boy, what a day! I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon...what a heck of an ordeal!!

  2. Wow! That doesn't sound fun....but kind of cute all at the same time. Feel better soon!!

  3. I love the part where Ryan wants to drop his brother off at the hospital. Makes sense to me. The gag reflex thing would kick in pretty quick.

  4. " oh my! ... I hope that Virus is done with it's course soon and you all can have happy days again..

    Here's wishing everyone a quick recovery!

  5. I hope everyone is feeling better now. "Frowing up" is the worst feeling ever.
    I hope Stinky heals quickly. Not a fun experience for him...he is lucky you are there to take care of him!