Saturday, June 2, 2012

Things I'm Hooked On

In no particular order, some things I can't just get enough off lately:
  1. Potbelly's - I've in know I've said this before, but I just can't get enough Potbelly's.  I love the TKY on multigrain.  I think fresh turkey is the key.
  2. Draw Something - Very addicting
  3. Warm sunny days
  4. Sweet Potato Fries - I am working on trying to master the perfect sweet potato fry (without actually frying the little buggers).  I'll post the recipe once I finish testing.  I think I'm getting close.
  5. My new outdoor rug for my deck.  It makes it feel like it's another room in my house, it's so cozy. (And it was only $79 at Lowe's)
  6. Grilling..everything.  Onions, peppers, squash.
  7. Homemade soup.  I know the weather is warmer, but I am craving soups.  I've made a wonderful corn chowder and vegetable provencal soups recently and deciding what to make next.  Any suggestions?
  8. Crossword puzzles 
  9. Basil
  10. "Paris in Love" by Eloisa James - Picked this up at Barnes & Noble recently.  Fun little book that's easy to read in short breaks in my life.  I like that.
Have a great week-end!


  1. I love all your things!! Well, except for crossword puzzles. I suck. I made a chicken orzo soup - with a generous squeeze of lemon and that was quite delicious (ripped off from the Panera menu. I love my TKY with hot peppers.

  2. btw, there's this restaurant here that serves their sweet potato fries with that delicious sauce steakhouses serve with their bloomin'onions or awesome blossoms. Do you know what I mean? It's an incredible combo.

    1. Yep Wendy, I know what you mean. That would be good with sweet potato fries.