Friday, March 27, 2009

American Idol Update #3

Well, we weren't terribly surprised that Michael went home last night. Seems like a very nice guy and his back story about working as an oil rigger was intriguing, but his voice just never made the leap to anything other then "good".
We were shocked to have Matt in the bottom 3 though. Arghh! How did that happen?
You may wonder why I care so much, well we participate in an American Idol Fantasy League at It's kind of like fantasy football or baseball. You pick your teams and get points based on how they perform. For American Idol, you pick 3 of the cast members and then you get points when they do good and negative points when they don't. Ending up in the bottom 3 is not good and since I had Matt on my team, I lost 2 points. I'm now in 20th place overall. I was in 14th. It may seem silly, but it makes watching the show all that more fun.
We also do this during So You Think You Can Dance. Wait until that fun starts. Suddenly we are all 12 year old girls again!


  1. Matt! In the bottom three?! I nearly lost it...oh, and I DID lose it when Ryan told Scott he was safe. Oh. my. dear. goodness. Thought I would have to change the channel...why am I even watching this show? ha. I'll have to check out the AIFL...sounds really neat.

  2. I never watched American Idol until my husband and I started dating. He's a total addict- and now I'm as bad as him!