Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Love My Massages!

I had my regular monthly massage last night and I loved it. It is probably one of the best gifts I've ever given myself. This got me thinking about some of the changes I've made in my life in recent years. You see, something happens around the time that you turn 50. Your body starts sending little signals that make you unequivocally aware that your body is a machine built around planned obsolescence. At first you are in complete denial, but eventually you come around to the idea that you've got to make some lifestyle changes to keep the wolves at bay. So here is a list of my lifestyle changes:
  1. Gave up Coke during the week - This is perhaps, my biggest challenge. You see, I love me some Coka-Cola, but at this time in my life all it adds is extra pounds. I don't always make it all the way through the week, but I keep trying. I do get to have it on week-ends, especially if we go to the movies.
  2. Monthly Massage - This actually started several years ago when I kept having stiff necks and pain between my shoulder blades. I carry all my stress...right there, right at the base of my neck. Every month Kathryn kneeds away the knots and sets me off on my cheerful way. Best part of this is that I got my mom started on these as well. She now comes up monthly for her little bit of heaven and then we get to have lunch together. How cool is that!
  3. An Apple or Orange a day - I'm not a big fruit eater. Never have been, but I know how important it is for my body. So, I bring an apple or orange to work with me every day. Around 3ish, when the mid-day doldrums hit, I slice up my fruit and munch away.
  4. Eat more vegetables - To do this, I am trying to make two vegetables for dinner and if I'm still hungry I have seconds of vegetables. It's not a big change...but at least it's something. To help keep it interesting, the girls and I have started to explore more vegetable recipes. We've got some great green bean and broccoli recipes and grilled asparagus is delicious. (I'll post my current favorite green bean recipe next week.)
  5. Exercise more - OK...this is really the most challenging change in my life, especially during the long months of winter. To help, I've found that I enjoy exercise more if it is actually sport based. The girls and I took tennis lessons last summer and had a great time pretending to play after that. I'm also a golf nut and play weekly on a walking course. Add in one day at the gym and one long walk on Sunday....and I've just exercised four days during the week. See how much easier that is then 4 days at the gym.
  6. Water..water..water - I drink more water then every before. I carry a bottle around with me at work and keep a bottle next to my bed. The more water I drink, the more I want. All around a good thing.
  7. Weigh myself every day - I went out and bought myself a scale and I weigh myself every morning. Long gone are the days when my mom made me an after school milkshake in order to try and put weight on my skinny little body. So, now I monitor my weight. It helps me to keep my food proportions managed. I'm not obsessed, just aware.
That's it. Those are the little things I've done to help me stay healthy, but I have to admit, I sure miss those milkshakes!

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  1. Really enjoyed this post. I, too, am a classic coca-cola lover. Keep a few cans in the basement fridge. If I have to walk WAY down there, I'm less likely to drink it. Massages with your mom, that's the best. I'll be looking for you to post recipes, especially for veggies. I'm a big believer in weighing every day..makes me more accountable. Now...get out in your yard this weekend and show us what's growing (or trying to grow).