Sunday, September 6, 2009

Badges...We Don't Need No Stinking Badges!

A long time ago I was a Girl Scout and I was a terrible Girl Scout. I liked the part about hanging out with friends after school, but I didn't like the work required to be a "good" Girl Scout. One year, my brave Mother volunteered (she might have been heavily pressured) to be our Troop Leader. It was during this year, that my mother decided it was time I earned a badge. You see...I had no badges. My goal oriented older sister had so many badges that they started to creep up the back of her Girl Scout sash. Me...not so much.

One week, my mother put me through my paces and I finally earned my one and only badge...the Housekeeping Badge (housekeeping is my Mother's forte).

Today, I must officially turn in my Housekeeping badge. While cleaning out the gross fruit, from the fruit drawer, I decided to wash and clean the fruit and veggie drawers. It was then I noticed the long plastic grill at the bottom of the fridge. Boy, is that thing nasty. You know what I found comes off. And that was really gross. The giant dust bunnies were hopping out...almost all on their own.

So, for lack of awareness that this grill even existed and for not knowing that the grill snaps off, I officially turn in my Girl Scout Housekeeping Badge.

(I sure wish I could have earned a "Cooking" Badge, cause I would probably be able to keep that one.)

On to the fan in the living room.....more grossness to come.


  1. This is so funny you write about the grill because last week I was playing on the floor with my cats and noticed how disgusting the grill looked with so much dust in the slats. I wiped it but I didn't know it actually comes off! I'll have to investigate. Thanks for the cleaning tip. Perhaps you can earn your badge back with this helpful blog!

  2. I do feel somewhat vindicated as neither Krissy or Cait were aware of the grill thingy. The real test is whether my mother knows about it. I'm sure she does as the elaborate steps she used to have to make to defrost and clean the fridge were ridiculous.

  3. I read this the other day, but everytime I think about it I have to laugh! I was a girl scout and those badges were just so important but I'm with you on no one telling us that we would get SICK of housecleaning!