Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Rather Squirrely Ramblings

Has any one else noticed some crazy squirrels lately.  They are very active and I've had to stop my car a few times to avoid hitting them.  Clearly they are getting ready for the winter. (Not sure if they are all going to make if they keep diving in front of cars.)

I'm wondering if this is some old time sign for a rough winter ahead.  You the one about the furry catepillers.  Can't remember that one either, but I think it must mean something.

He spent a good 5 minutes or so investigating my deck.  Some people get pictures of wild turkeys or owls..I get squirrels.

(Cait...when you get a chance, can you post a picture of the owl that was on your car the other day.  And you really should try and get a picture of the fox too! )  Cait lives in a very woody area with lots of wildlife.  She is always surprised by what she sees in her back yard.  Krissy's pretty sure Sasquatch lives back there too!

New subject.

I made this card this week on Friday afternoon.  Used the design sample from CPS, but didn't get it posted in time for the challenge, but I thought I'd show it anyway.  I'm still getting used to the Core'dinates paper.  You sand it down to show the color underneath. This is piece of paper is brown with aqua on the back.

I have to go get some sandpaper to help with this process, cause I'm currently using an emory board to sand the paper.  I think a fine sandpaper will work a lot better.  ("Ya think!"  I can hear Kristen saying this in my head.  She's always great with helping me see the obvious.)

And finally....How cute is this picture of Austin.   His Aunt Jena took this picture.  She does such a good job.  Her photographs are truly remarkable and when it comes to taking pictures of the boys, she is amazing


  1. Lindalou, I can't stop looking at Austin's photo. He's the prettiest child I've ever seen. Your talk of sandpaper reminds me that I had to buy emery cloth for my dad so he could do some grinding on his dentures. Honest. Or may he's really making cards. Nice squirrel photo. I never see those furry caterpillers anymore? I wonder why? Hey.....Way To Go Lions!

  2. Austin looks like an angel. Bet he never gets into trouble. :)
    Reminds me of my little brother, somewhat.

  3. What a great pic of Austin! So adorable. Jena really is talented; you guys are lucky to have her in the family!