Saturday, September 12, 2009

Splish Splash!

The boys were over last week-end and it was bath time at Oma's house.  I love bath time pictures.  Always have.  Austin loves bath time...Ryan is OK with bath time as long as you don't get any water near his face.  So hair washing usually involves lots of crying.

I know it drives Krissy crazy, but I know exactly where he gets it from.  The handstands I used to have to do to not get any water on her face or near any boo-boo were incredible.

Don't those blue eyes just get ya! 

Austin having fun....Ryan just trying to stay out of his way.

There coming over again maybe more pictures soon.


  1. Those wet, slippery bodies are too, too cute. Tell me how it is that you are "Oma"....I like it but have never heard it before. Trying to NOT get water on the boo-boos is even harder than avoiding the face. Have fun with them today.

  2. Donna - Oma is German for Grandma and I didn't want to be just Grandma (not that there is anything wrong with being Grandma). I just wanted something a little different. We discussed both the Polish and German versions of Grandma and opted for Oma.

    A very good friend of Krissy's has always called her Grandma Oma. So we kind of got the idea from her.

  3. My friend Trudy called her Grandma Oma, too. Her family came over after the war from Germany. Great pics! The boys are just so cute.