Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kissin Cousins

I mentioned in my previous post, that we had a very busy week-end.  Part of the reason was the Walk 'n Roll, but the other reason was a visit from our cousins Kim and Evan.  They live in the Austin, Texas area and we don't get to see them very often, so this visit was particuliary wonderful.  (Kim and Evan are in the middle.  Kris, Cait and their husbands are on either side.)  Kris and Kim are only a month apart in age and they share some very special childhood memories.

During their visit we went to the Town Tavern in Royal Oak for dinner... delicious.  (Confirmed I am not a fan of truffle oil though.)

Saturday they got to go to the MSU / Central Michigan Football Game (not Sparty's best performance) with Kris and J.  Which included 8 AM tailgating.  I passed on the invite cause there's no way I can get up to E. Lansing by 8 in the morning.

And then on Sunday Kim, Cait and I went to Arts & Apples.  It's an annual art festival in downtown Rochester.  It's always fun with lots of great stuff peruse.  I purchased a new purse from my favorite purse lady (Pursenality is the name of her little business).  She make very cute purses at very good prices. 

After Arts & Apples, we came back to my house for dinner, which is where the group photo at the top was taken.  We all had a great time and RJ had fun with Aunt Deb the Great playing "Guess which Hand".  (Does it have a real name?) He was so cute playing with her.
Finally on Monday, Evan made us a  delicious dinner over at Krissy's house.  How nice to come home to  grilled salmon, sweet potatoes, squash and corn.  And did I mention the triple chocolate cake who's secret ingredient is zuccini?  Melts in your mouth.  I'm going to practice the cake and if I can get it to turn out I'll post the recipe.
Kim and Evan...please come back soon.  We love having you here!


  1. RJ looks so dang cute playing "Guess Which Hand" with Aunt Deb. He takes his magic act seriously. I luv my cousins and this photo makes me think of the fun I've had with them over the years. I enlarged the photo and had to smile about the sippy cup and the SpongeBob thingy on the table in front of them. Your girls have nice smiles.

  2. We had a wonderful time and are anxious to come back already! Evan is going to be working with Krissy and J officially now so I told Evan I'm coming whenever he makes his "business" trips up there! Pass his name around so maybe someday...well you know. We miss everyone so much and call Michigan (and Krissy's) our home away from home now. :)