Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Walk 'n Roll, Hochie Koo!

We had a very busy week-end, which was capped off by our  participation in the annual ALS of Michigan Walk 'n Roll at Stoney Creek Park.  This year with the help of friends and family,  BW and I were able to exceed our goal and raise $460.  This helped "The Masserangers Team" raise over $20,000!!

Judy and Bob Masserang are our very good friends.  Judy and I used to work together.  In fact...most of what I know about satellite television, I learned from her.  Over the years, our relationship evolved into a great friendship.  Judy is now one of a group of women that I hold so dear.  She enriches my life on so many levels.

Four years ago, this coming October, her husband, Bob , was diagnosed with ALS.  This is a very ugly disease that has taken over much of Bob's body....but his spirit is still as fiesty as ever as you can see by these following pictures:

He's such a smoochie kind of guy.
We have been able to see the amazing help and support provided to them by the ALS of Michigan organization.  So we were so pleased to help out, even in just this little way.
As usual, "The Masserangers"  were the largest group of walkers and hopefully we collected the most money.  Even if we didn't, I think we are all #1...because that's what Bob is to us.
Thanks to everyone who helped us surpass our goal! 

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  1. Judy and Bob. What an inspiring couple and what good friends you all are to them. Good people, all of you.