Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Inglourious Bastards Movie Review

Inglourious Bastards

Grade: Q

We finally watched Inglourious Bastards over the week-end.  It is out on DVD, so we rented it for Saturday night.  I have absolutely no idea how to grade or rate it.  So I'm giving it a "Q" because this is certainly a Quentin Tarantino movie.  His thumbprint is all over this baby.  It's quirky, funny, shocking, sad, get the picture. 

Did I love  Did I hate  I don't even know if I liked it, but it was certainly interesting despite the fact that I had to close my eyes, frequently. 

Trying to figure out how to classify this movie is difficult.  It is a World War II Fairy Tale.  And when I say fairy tale...think really, really grim, Brothers Grimm. 

Brad Pitt's Tennessee accent is hilarious.  He does a great job leading a band of U.S. "Nat-zi" killers.  I also thought Melanie Laurent brought a lot of depth to her role as Shosanna. And of course, Christoph Waltz is very good as Col. Hans Landa.  Good chance that he'll get this year's Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

I'm glad I got to see it, but I don't think I really ever need to see it again.  (Mikey thought it was great, if that helps you define the movie's audience.)

Interesting side fact:  Anyone out there remember Rod Taylor?  He was a very handsome actor from 60's.  His big films were probably The Time Machine and The Birds.  (Although my personel fav was Sunday in New York with Jane Fonda.)  Any who...he is in this movie briefly playing Winston Churchill.  And yes, he's changed a bit. 

Here he is in the movie.  Hard to tell, but it's him.  Also just read that he was the voice of Pongo in Disney's 101 Dalmations....fascinating. 
And since I am now rambling a bit, let's just go with the flow.  Where do I learn all these amazing movie facts?  Well it's at IMDB.  This is the best internet site for researching movies and tv.  Recognize someone in a movie and know you've seen them before, but can't remember.  Go to IMDB, search for the movie, find the character's name, click on that actor and you will be taken to their complete filmography.  It's brilliant. 


  1. Have you ever considered a job as a full time movie critic? Love you reviews, Lindalou, especially since Mr. Ho-Hum and I barely ever go!

  2. Rent "Mulholland Drive" and get a film experience similar to this one. You like it, you don't know why. You're challenged, you don't know why.

  3. Joey - That is a secret dream job. I would just have one rule. I will NOT go see horror movies. I can't even stand the commercials for them. Have you seen the new ad for The Crazies. Ugh!

    Don - I have not seen that movie. I might have to wait a bit before I put myself through a similar movie experience.

  4. I keep walking by this one at Family Video and will most likely keep doing so. In a preview, I heard Brad Pitt's hilarious drawl and it turned me off a lot like his current facial hair does.

    I luv your movie rambling, so please don't ever stop.


  5. Just to clarify, a southern accent is appealing to me, just not a fake one.


  6. Just have to let you know your lovely cousin, Little Linda and her children thought this was an appropriate movie to play on Christmas...I squawked and said this is not an appropriate Christmas movie LOL. I was kind of with you on the "few" scenes I watched, as I was getting some hors d'oeuver for myself...not sure if I hated or just was going ahhhh yes this is a Quentin movie...still haven't seen it from start to finish.