Thursday, February 25, 2010


In all the time that I've been blogging, I've never introduced the other member of our little family.  His name is Joey and he is "technically" Mikey's dog, but Joey wouldn't believe that for a minute.  He likes to play with Mike...but he knows who Muma and Daddy are.

This is my first dog.  I'm not a dog person by nature.  It took a lot of prodding and encouragement by Kristen, to actually get me to agree to a dog.  Joey was Mikey's 12th birthday present and as dogs go...he fits in with us perfectly.  He is a little quirky, but than that is probably why he fits in so well.

At the same time that we got Joey...Krissy and Jay got Frodo.  They are both Maltese Poodles.  Joey got more Maltese and Frodo got all the poodle.  They aren't technically related, but we say that they are cousins.

I am constantly taking pictures of Joey.  He's the only one who sits still long enough as I am still learning my new camera.  I will have to post more Joey pics and stories in the future.  He deserves more attention.

I forgot to mention...he adores Caity and she adores him too!  When she comes over he just brings his toy octopus to her over and over and over.  I think he believes she only comes over to play with him.

Just got Joey groomed so I think we needed a new Joey pic.


  1. Awwwwe! Super cute! What a sweet face! :-)

  2. How could you not love this pooch? Cute!

  3. Joey is so cute ... love the name :)

  4. Joey is adorable and he looks so handsome after being groomed! I'm constantly taking pictures of Molly too! Oh, and about the baby having hair...that IS exciting! Maybe he/she will be like me and have a full head of hair from the get-go!

  5. Joey is a doll!! What kind is your new camera??

  6. How did you manage to keep this sweet-looking, furry ball of love a secret for so long?

    Changing subjects here...your baby has hair? I bet that baby will be even cuter than Joey:)


  7. My new camera is a Nikon D3000.

    And yes Donna, we are anticipating a real cutie when the baby is born.

  8. Do you not remember Sundog? I think that was your first dog...but then again I think that was Jeff's.

    He is adorable...I love his sweet face.