Monday, February 22, 2010

Question of the Week #3

Hey, it's actually Monday and I'm posting this week's question.  Yeah!

Here's what I have been wondering about and get ready..cause this is a two parter.

What is your favorite physical attribute and conversely, what is your least favorite physical attribute?

We all have them.  Just pony up.

For me, my favorite has always been my high metabolism.  Granted since I crossed over in to the 50's, the old metabolism ain't what she used to be, but for a significant portion of my life, I have been able to eat anything I wanted with no weight change.  In fact, there were periods in my young life, where my mother made me a daily milkshake in the hopes of actually putting on a pound or two.  Now those days are long gone, but it doesn't take away my deep appreciation for how lucky I've most of my life. (Not that it was always good, as there were times in my teens where I was mistaken for a boy!! How humiliating. )

Least fav, it's probably a tie between my nose (Ugh) and my very thin hair.  Now that I say it, I realize it's my thin hair.  And I know I shouldn't complain, cause at least it's a good color (well, mostly) and it's straight, but sometimes it is just so limp and lifeless, that I can't help wishing for thick, luxurious hair.  

So, what's your best and worst.  Come can share.


  1. I think my best attribute is my legs. Running 20 miles per week tones them and makes them fun to look at. My worst attribute is my feet. They are disgusting. Enough said.

  2. I'm past the age of thinking in terms of best/worst physical attributes....I am what I am. That being said, I will surely enjoy reading all the comments regarding this question.

    38 days until your new grandbaby arrives. Hooray!


  3. Hmm, I would have to say my favorite is my bootie!! For a petite person, having a nice bootie is rare!! My least fave, I've always had bad luck with my skin. I just don't get it, my mom and sister have pretty good skin, but not me. I had always hoped when I got older it would get better, which it has a little but not the best. Oh well!

  4. My favorite attributes are my full lips and my good hair (I have lots of it and it has a good texture). I'm glad for the full lips because, as we age, our lips sort of suck into our face! I still have plenty of lips to spare.

    My least favorite attribute is hands down my wide hips and big bum. But hey, my body is healthy and strong and has served me well for these 51 years, so all in all I'm thankful for it.

  5. nice to hear from you. It must be that extra free time you currently have. But those days are numbered!

  6. You are too funny, Lindalou :) Since your last post, I'm obsessed with shoes ... bundled many at the lake to ship out to St. Vincent's :) Now, here you go again, taxing me :) Ok, #1 ... my sense of humor (I think one of God's greatest gifts that has gotten me through many iffy parts of my life. Yes, it's physical since it's brain related :) #2 ... lack of self confidence (physical and brain related also) ... so there ... that's my story and I'm stickin' to it :)

  7. Oh, crack me up. These question aren't supposed to make you think all that much, but if it got you to pack up some shoes for St. Vincent...that's a good thing.

  8. I would have to say my best attribute is my hair. I've always had thick, full hair. I rarely color it or use products so its in pretty good shape :) My least favorite is easy. I have never liked my stomach. I can't remember it ever be flat or toned even when I was thinned in HS. These days I've accepted it since I had a baby and am finally old enough to know it doesn't matter :) All in all I have nothing to complain about!

  9. Well, this might seem like I'm copying, but I guess we just have similar likes and dislikes about ourselves.

    My favorite is definitely my butt (Kelly, I guess we have another thing we have in common). Having it is one thing, but knowing how to shake it is another. Although, that sometimes leads to attention that I don't want.

    My least favorite is my stomach aka "the bagel" (I can make it look like a bagel). Kristin, I know what you mean, it has always been there and has never gone away, even in my teens. At the moment, I am putting it to good use by keeping the baby warm. I strongly believed that I wouldn't get stretch marks because of it, but I found some this morning...not happy!

  10. I love the questions of the week! If I had to pick a fave, I would maybe say my hair. I've fought it all my life - it's big and poofy, and wavy, but only in the past few years, I've learned to work with it and now I rather like it. It's also one of those things that you don't appreciate when you're young. At one point, I probably looked GOOD, but didn't think I did, and now that I'm getting older and falling apart, I've finally got the confidence to TRY to look good. Know what i mean?

    Anyway, worst would probably be my apple shaped figure. I wish I could have the bootie that Kellys mentioned. Being apple shaped means when I gain weight, I have skinny legs, skinny neck, but look pregnant. It means that when I get something that fits well around the waist/belly, there are no hips to fill out the sides. I've often though that if I could turn my head around, I'd be in proportion b/c the belly's big but the butt's flat!

  11. My favorite is my legs-for a short girl, they are long and I got my dad's muscular calves. My arms, on the other hand have always been my least favorite. I always wanted lean and muscular and they are so not.

  12. By far my eyes they are the one thing that I always get compliments about from people.

    My hair - it is thin, straight and flat. I don't have Lori or Lisa's body, texture or curl.