Friday, February 5, 2010

Just a Little Suggestion...

Are you all sick of me talking about movies yet.

I hope not.

I can't really help it.  It is THAT time of year and all.   Here's one for your NetFlicks or Family Video list.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Grade: A

This came out in 2008 and BW and I went to the theatre to see it.  It was just recently on HBO and we watched it again.  It reminded me of how much I liked this movie and my surprise that more people haven't seen it.

It's just a charming little movie and Frances McDormand and Amy Adams are just wonderful in it.  Set in London, just prior to World War II, Amy Adams plays Delysia Lafosse, a young and somewhat flighty nightclub singer, determined to become a star.  Frances McDormand plays Guinivere Pettigew, a down on her luck unemployed governess who maneuvers  herself into a job as Delysia's social secretary.  A social whirlwind of music, romance and cocktails commences.

Put this on your list.  I think you'll like it.

Disclaimer:  My mother didn't care for this movie.  Amy Adams' character talks pretty fast and I think she missed some of the dialogue.  But then this disclaimer needs a disclaimer.  Mom didn't like Love Actually.  So, I'm not so sure that her vote should turn you away from the lovely Miss Pettigrew.


  1. I loved Miss Pettigrew. Fabulous movie. Good review... and no I am not sick of your reviews. Keep it up. We seem to have the same taste in I trust you.

  2. Going to the movies with your mother sounds a lot like going with my mother. Bless their hearts. I've not see this movie.


  3. I agree with you--this was a great movie. I rented it not knowing much about it and not expecting much, but my husband and I enjoyed it (and my husband is hard to please--if he has not ever heard of a movie, he will generally not be at all interested in it).

  4. Catching up on your blog, and just added this to my Netflix queue! So excited that you're going to be a grandma again very soon...