Monday, November 29, 2010

And the Winner Is....

Since there were only 10 comments, I did this the old fasion way.  I wrote the names out on pieces of paper and had someone pick a name.

And the winner of the Flipped DVD is.....Kelly Massman.  (Yeah Kelly!)

And yes this story is based off a book.

Kelly - please email me at in order to claim your prize.
It is being shipped out direct from Warner Brothers, so I have no idea on the timeline...but make sure you keep me posted when you receive it.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  I loved reading your first love comments.  Most were so cute and others were just plain interesting...(Wendy - your parents must have had a stroke).


  1. Yay! Thanks! I'll send you my address right away! How fun! :-)
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. What? I missed out on another give away?? lol I need to get to your blog on a more timely basis.

    Lindalou, I hope your Thankgiving was pleasant and all that you wanted it to be.

    Any snow over by you? None here...just raining. It can snow anytime now because all of our outdoor lighting is done.

    Fondly, donna

  3. ha ha! There were some "interesting" times... I'm so excited that this is the movie off the book! It was very cute.