Monday, November 22, 2010

At Long Last....A Finished Project

I found the idea for this project over at The Other White House back in August.  It took me a little while to get all my supplies, but I think I started this in early October, with the hope of having them done by Halloween.

They have been sitting half done for over a month and I finally got around to finishing them off this week-end.

Here's roughly what I started with:

Needless to say, I forgot to take a before picture of the actual plastic gourds that I used on this project. 

My first step was to spray paint them all white.

My next step was to use Mod Podge to adhere strips of tissue paper.  I found some fancy tissue paper at Michael's all in gold and black tones that I really liked.  Here's what the larger pumpkin looked like half way through:

And here are my finished products:

Don't look too close or you will see all the wrinkles and mismatched patterns, but honest...from a distance they look pretty cool.

They are up on my mantle for Thanksgiving.  I've seen some amazing holiday inspired mantles out there and I know my falls short.

I think I need your help.  Here's my mantle:

Somewhat seasonal...but very sparse.  Any ideas or suggestions of what else to do.  What would you add.  I have a gold charger (for under a plate).  Would that help?  Open to any ideas.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  1. Well, of course I would add one of my husband's wooden bowls! :-)
    Love the pumpkins!

  2. I think they are classy. Well done!

  3. Hi Linda,
    Rosey here. Just thought I should tell you that I don't blog over at Memory Tome anymore. You can remove that link if you want. I still do a bit of family blogging at Green Elevations though. Wordpress was a pain in the rear.
    Thanks....Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I love that idea! It's totally gorgeous!!

  5. those are great!! I've never had a mantle so I don't have any ideas!

  6. Wow, what an amazing finished product! Who would have thought when you just started out with plain old orange pumpkins!

  7. What a creative way to use those plain plastic pumpkins. They look really elegant in the papers you chose.

  8. Wow! These are so gorgeous--and elegant!! I can see why this would be one of your best projects!! Love this idea! Thanks for linking up!!