Monday, November 8, 2010

Did Anybody Get the Name of that Truck...

My week-end with the boys left my house looking like a hurricane went through it.  I'm out of eggs, cheese, fruit snacks, juice and Cheez-Its.

 I need a nap.

But the silence is now...amazing.

There is a reason you have children when you are young.  First of all you can bend easier and I think you re-charge quicker.

Here's what I'm hoping to forget before I do this for a week in February:

How hard it is to get up off the floor.

What the toy box looks like when it's emptied out all over my living room floor.

Austin's meltdowns when his "nuk" isn't immediately available (keeping in mind, he drops it all over the house).

But here's a couple conversation that I hope to remember:

Austin:  "I just love you Oma"
Oma: "I love you too Austin.  You are just so sweet."
Austin;  "You are just so sweet too."

Ryan:  "I don't have to go pee"
Oma: "Yes, you do.  You have to go before you go to bed." (As I push him into the bathroom.)
Ryan:  "But I don't have to go."
Oma:  "Just try.  Don't make me have to call the pee-pee police."
Ryan:  Giggling - "pee-pee police" (As he is peeing, he starts to turn around to look at me).
Oma:  "Don't turn around while your peeing!!"
Ryan: giggle, giggle, giggle


  1. Sounds like they went through the house ( food !) like locusts, and that you wouldn't trade it for the world.

  2. You're an amazing Oma and it sounds like Ryan and Austin agree. Luv the conversations. My conversations with Phillip leave me smiling long after he's gone back home.

    I know what you mean about the house looking like a hurricane went through it. It takes me a day to put everything back in its place.

    You'll never regret a minute that you spend with your grandchildren, but you already know that.

    Gosh....those are good-looking boys.


  3. They are so cute! No need for sleep aids when you have those two to wear you out. Nature's sleeping pill!

  4. I am not a grandma yet, but I will take this post to heart and remember your wise words for when I am in your position. It is good they live close so you can enjoy their company and get to know them. My kids don't really know their grandmas and it is sad!

  5. How cute!! I love the things they say!!

  6. Awwww!!! Kids say the darndest things. :-)

  7. awwww, you are just so sweet too. that's adorable!!!

    I'm glad I have girls - a little easier in the pee pee department!

    I'll give you a couple days and you'll be raring to go with those gorgeous little boys again!