Friday, November 5, 2010


I am taking care of Ryan and Austin this week-end and it started last night.  This morning I got them both ready and took Ryan to pre-school and then Austin over to Aunt Cait's.  

As we pull into pre-school, he says "I like school this year".  (It was kind of a struggle last year, with lots of tears.) The closer we get, he is getting more and more excited, making these squealy noises.  I get Austin out of his car seat and as Ryan is climbing out, he looks up at me with an impish smile and says,

"Do you know there is a little girl I like?" 

I said, "Yes, I have heard something about that"

Still grinning ear to ear he says, "Do you know her name?"

I said..."no, I don't."

And he says, in this tiny little voice "it's Ella".

Ryan is officially Ella enchanted.


  1. So sweet. Also cute play on words with one of my favorite movies!

  2. You should keep a journal of all the precious things these little boys say and do. Have a fun weekend.