Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Figuring Out the Family Tree

I have been working on inputing family members on my mother's side into a Family Tree software for a while now.  Entering the data wasn't the biggest hold up.  It was deciding what software and also being a tad computer challenged when I started this whole process. 

I'm a Mac girl and as I may have mentioned before, I love my iMac (great Christmas present sweety).  I really wanted to do the family tree thing in Mac format, but it has limited software choices, plus when I started this whole old Mac was in desparate need of upgrading. 

Eventually, I opted for going PC based and using Family Tree Maker 2009.  See how long I've been at this.  The software is already out of date. 

Last night I finally got it all moved over to a new laptop and uploaded it on 

Absolutely fascinating.  I did even watch Jeopardy.  (Did stop for Glee though...I didn't see that one coming.)  I finally made myself shut the computer off at 11:00pm, which is when I finally ate dinner.

Best fact I have found so Great Grandfather came over from Germany on the S.S. Oder departing out of Bremen on or about October 3, 1880 when he was 19 years old. amazing is that.

I'd love to find someone out there who's used  I have a lot of questions, but so far this adventure has been amazing and addicting.


  1. I've had an itch to do this and your post makes me want to get going on it. Interesting about your great grandfather.

    Hugs, donna

  2. I love researching family history. Isn't it fascinating?

  3. thats awesome!! I would love to do something like that someday!!

  4. You are right. It is addicting. My mom started and just kept going and going. You are just scratching the surface. Have fun!