Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Very Family 4th

We ended up having a very special family 4th of July.  This was in part due to the storms that passed through town on July 3rd, leaving Kristen and Jay's house and my house...without power.  In the scorching heat, we all ended up at Cait and Rick's house for the holiday.

We started in the morning with Grandpa Bob's very special pancakes and then I made fish kabobs and ribs for dinner.  I'd also bought a small blow-up pool for the boys and this was a big hit.

And Baby "B" had a great day too.

I have to admit that the pool was enjoyed by more than just the kids.  It was amazing how good it felt to put my feet in that cold pool.  Ahhhhh!

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  1. What wonderful pictures! You must have had a great day. You asked about the pan. Normally the bottom of the springform pan has a small lip that comes fractionally up the sides of the pan. By turning it upsdie down the lip disappears and it is easy to slide the pie onto a board for cutting. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary